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[KPOP FAQ] What Is a Bias Wrecker in Kpop?

Ever heard of the term bias wrecker?

If you’re new to a KPOP fandom, then you’ve probably heard the term thrown around frequently and it’s normal to wonder about the meaning of bias wrecker in KPOP.

What is a KPOP Bias?

In K-pop speak, bias means your favorite member in an idol group. It can also mean your favorite idol group or artist in general.

For example, in BTS, you can say that your bias is Jimin, while in TXT, your bias is Yeonjun. You can also say that your KPOP bias group is TREASURE, for example.

Now, is it possible to have multiple biases in a group? Of course. It’s perfectly normal and fine to have multiple biases. You can be a Seventeen stan and have Jun and Vernon as your biases. However, fans usually just have one bias per group.

If you have more, then that’s where the bias wrecker comes in.

What is a Bias Wrecker?

A bias wrecker is a member of the group who’s not your bias but often steals your attention from your bias. This is the member who’d make you rethink who’s your bias as they have a way of wrapping you around your fingers that only your bias supposedly can.

For example, in Stray Kids Chan may be your bias, but Felix keeps on catching your eye and making you watch him instead of your actual bias.

Bias and Bias Wrecker Theory

There are some fans who dive deep into this topic, trying to figure out how one member is their bias while another is their bias wrecker.

For some, your bias is usually someone who has the same personality as you while your bias wrecker is your ideal type.

But of course, this isn’t always true as your bias can be someone who’s the complete as you as you.

Is it okay to have a bias wrecker?

Of course! With your bias group having multiple amazing members, it’s only normal to get attracted to more than one member.

After all, every member of a group deserves love, right?

Popular Bias Wreckers

In every group, there’s always the most popular members. And of course, there always the most popular bias wreckers.

V from BTS

v from bts is a bias wrecker
(image source)


lisa from blackpink is a bias wrecker
(image source)

Jihyo from TWICE

jihyo from twice is a bias wrecker
(image source)

Bang Chan from Stray Kids

bang chan from skz is a bias wrecker
(image source)

Seulgi from Red Velvet

seulgi from red velvet is a bias wrecker
(image source)

Soooo, who’s your bias wrecker?

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